Io Mazzucato 2022 - 2025

Updated: Jun 3

On 27 05 2022, following the presentation of the three-year development plan, the Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between Io Mazzucato and TRUST DH ITALIA for the 2022 - 2025 development plan.

On 01 06 2022, TRUST DH ITALIA forwarded to TDHI STARTUP www.tdhistartup.com the request for obtaining a loan from the TDHI Recovery and development FUND. hwww.tdhistartup.com/recovery-fund

Project conceived by www.sirdavid.info www.dhgroup.info

Company that will carry out the activity www.tdhi-italia.com

Potential investor www.tdhistartup.com

Divisions and projects involved


TDHI HUB www.tdhi-opportunity.com

TDHI COSMETICS www.tdhi-cosmetics.com

TDHI Representations www.tdhi-representations.com

TDHI HORECA www.horeca-tdhi.com

TDHI Clever Export Assistant www.tdhi-cea.com www.tdhi-export.com

TDHI Strategic Advisor Assistant www.tdhi-saa.com www.tdhi-strategic.com

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